What is Natural Cycles and how do we #pressforprogress?

Natural Cycles is the only app to be certified for contraceptive use in Europe. We are on a mission to provide women with more contraceptive choice and a better understanding of her body. This year we supported the International Women’s Day theme by talking about the importance of pressing for progress in the field of contraception and reproductive health.

See all the ways we will continue to #pressforprogress every day below.

of women don't know when their menstrual cycle begins

We polled women across the globe about their cycles. The result: we still have a bit to learn. We will press for progress by providing women with the knowledge and data needed to better understand their bodies.

*Source: The Cycle Quiz, Natural Cycles


Knowledge Gap


of women don’t know how long the average menstrual cycles is


of women don't know when they can get pregnant during their cycle

Progress Starts with Research

Foreseen advancements in contraception are limited as products expected to be introduced in coming years are only variations of existing methods.* Knowing there is not one method that is perfect for every woman and her partner, we believe it is important to increase contraceptive choice.

We will press for progress by continuing to invest in clinical studies and research on contraception. We see it as a responsibility to drive innovation in this field and provide women with the resources needed to make decisions around which contraceptive method is right for her.

Our number one goal is to provide women with the tools they need to take control of their fertility. We are able to achieve this thanks to the incredible women that contribute to building and improving Natural Cycles every day. With a staff of 60% women, we press for progress by creating a gender balanced workplace.

Women continue to be underrepresented in the global tech workforce. 

Women in Tech




believe there are a lack of female role models in the field 

report male colleagues are paid more without reason

are concerned about the number of women in tech

"My [partner] is the one who usually reminds me of measuring my temperature in the morning, packs the thermometer in his bag when we go traveling, keeps track of red/green days and tries to guess when I’m ovulating based on my mood, physical symptoms, etc. He’s totally committed and a huge fan of NC."  - Cycler

Shared Responsibility

The majority of contraceptives available on the market are specifically made for women.* But if sex is a shared responsibility, why isn’t contraception? When using Natural Cycles, couples together need to know when to use protection (i.e condom) and when they can enjoy more sexual freedom. We will press for progress by promoting contraception as a shared responsibility and the importance of getting your partner involved at every stage of the romance.

"My [partner] was the one who told me about NC, when he saw it in the paper. We made the decision together to start with NC. And he is always involved with my cycle, he wants to know everything! NC has made us even closer than we were."  - Cycler